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The Austin Solar Experts Bring You Energy Independence

The Austin Solar Experts can help you tap into a renewable power source at home. Energy independence is spreading across America. There are more reasons than ever to join the green movement and get off the grid. Solar is reliable, adaptable, and more affordable than ever before. Switching your energy source can open new opportunities to save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Will Solar Energy Work for Me?

Solar energy isn’t selective. It’s highly adaptable and can be used for just about any application.
Whether you are powering your home, a business, or an industrial facility, solar power will work. The key is finding a professional who can ensure proper installation and provide advice and recommendations that will maximize your system’s performance.

The cost of a new solar system has dropped significantly. What once cost tens of thousands can now be done for a fraction of the previous price. There are also many government programs available that can help offset the cost of your investment. These incentives change often, so you should learn more now to make sure you can take advantage of the highest rebates before they are reduced or gone entirely.

Consider the cost of powering your home through the grid. How much do you spend per year on energy? Your electric bill will likely list a per kilowatt-hour rate. Most places in the United States will fall between .08 cents and around .20 cents, with an average of approximately 12.95 cents. Other areas may come in much higher. The more you are paying, the higher your savings will be when you begin relying on your own system instead of the grid.

The cost of installation will vary based on system size and other factors. The Austin Solar Experts can provide an installation estimate and answer questions to help you make the best decision based on your energy needs. We can also share details about tax credit and rebate eligibility. Contact us today to get a quote or to learn more.

Why Are More Households Choosing Solar?

Many households and businesses have already joined the movement toward energy independence. Some want to lower their impact on the environment while others are looking for practical ways to save money. What can you expect when choosing solar power?

  • Decrease in monthly utility bills
  • Money-saving tax rebates and programs
  • Reliable energy source that requires minimal maintenance
  • Energy source that’s adaptable for any application
  • Increase in property value should you decide to sell later

Can Businesses Use Solar Power?

The flexibility of solar power makes it a great energy candidate for businesses. It can be utilized in almost any application, whether you’re powering lights and computers in an office or machinery in a factory. The Austin Solar Experts can recommend a setup that will meet the daily demands of your company.

Businesses who go green also get the added benefit of a better reputation. Many consumers look favorably upon organizations who are environmentally friendly. It can mean more repeat business and draw the attention of new customers. In some cases, it may give you a leg up on the competition.

Let the Austin Solar Experts Build Your System

The Austin Solar Experts are ready to build your new system. Our team brings years of experience so you can feel confident about your investment. We take pride in our work and are committed to our customers.

We do more than install solar panels. We help you learn about potential savings through rebates and tax credits. We evaluate your day-to-day activities and come up with advice and tips to reduce energy consumption. If you ever have questions about your system, we are here to help.

Our team can also provide other services. We offer:

  • Smoke, radon, and gas detection services
  • Installation of infrared doorbell cameras
  • Solar system monitoring
  • Critter guard installation


Get Started Today: Save Money and the Planet

There has never been a better time to switch to solar energy. Get started today and begin saving money while you help save the planet. Why pay more for utility bills when you can produce your own on-site renewable energy. Call the Austin Solar Experts now at (512) 598-0449 to learn more.

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